Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Mahatma Gandhi was born in1869. His approach on political obligation was based on Sathyagraha, Sarvodya, Truth and Non-violence. Explaining his plan of civil disobedence, Gandhi said "whenever possible , civil disobedince of salt laws should be started, liquor and foreign cloth shops can be pickted . We can refuse to pay taxes if we have the necessary strenght. The lawyers can give up practice . The public can boycott the court by refraining from litigation. Government servants can resign thier posts. I prescribe only one condition , that is " let our pledge of truth and non-violence as they only means for the attainment of swaraj be faithfully kept."
The influence of Talsoty, Ruskin, and Thoreau on Gandhiji was significant and profound. His philosophy on civil disobedince was clearly explaained in his famous book Hind Swaraj.

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